12 stunning images from Smithsonian’s photography contest

To Eleson: this is a very interesting question, which is next to “what’s art ?”. For sure there is no “perfect photography” and “darker or lighter shadows and mi-tones” is as it is always in art a question of tastes.

Yet, the point Maria2008 (I assume) and me wanted to raise was the abuse of HDR. Each technique is like a spice, say like Tabasco. What’s that sort of cooking if one pours a heavy dose of Tabasco in each meal prepared ? Some people will say “hey, dude, are you living on the moon ?! That’s called Mexican-style cuisine !!!” and I say “why not” (as I do love hot cuisine) but NOT AT EVERY MEAL. By the way, a lot of nowadays photographs are so over-processed that they tend to look like these old surrealist paintings of dolphins airbrushed swimming under a moonlight that flooded the international scene 40 years ago.

Often, less is more… if one wants to avoid to reach bad taste.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/04/26/12-stunning-images-from-smithsonian-s-photography-contest