12 stunning photos of Godafoss – Waterfall of the Gods


Godalfoss – Waterfall of the Gods – is one of the most striking natural features of Iceland, a country famed for, well… striking natural features. My Modern Metropolis has published a gallery of 12 stunning images of Godalfoss, including a shot taken by dpreview contributor Erez Marom.

Photo credit: Erez Marom

Erez visited Godalfoss to scout locations for a workshop he’s running this winter, and in his article, published earlier this month, he described the tough conditions he faced:

‘apart from the sky being bleak, the winds brought unending spray from the waterfall. at -10 degrees centigrade, the spray immediately froze on my front polarizing filter, turning the shoot into a Sisyphean task consisting of composing, focusing, then wiping the stubborn ice off the front filter for about a minute, then checking focus and composition again, then wiping again if needed, and only then shooting one image before repeating the whole process.’

Sounds like fun. You can read his full ‘behind the picture’ article here, and scroll down for the other 11 images in this gallery. 

Photo credit: Skarphéðinn Þráinsson
Photo credit: Valeriy Shcherbina
Photo credit: Vincent Bourrut
Photo credit: Dennis F
Photo credit: Andy Mumford
Photo credit: Joshua Hoiko
Photo credit: Pome Acro
Photo credit: Sarah Marino
Photo credit: Antony Spencer
Photo credit: Joshua Hoiko 
Photo credit: JStephane Vetter



I wouldn’t call reducing a powerful waterfall, which is dumping millions of tons of water, to a puff of steam good in any way. They pictures are crap!

Art does NOT involve reiterating crafty techniques for their own sake. Art is about existential, and other issues, which involve unique perspectives and relationships.


Amazing place, and some well timed shots… but they generally seem very over-processed for my tastes, almost surreal. I’m sort of tired of overdone HDR.


Fabulous. Would simply love to go and have a go myself!


This page is a tribute to the glory of the changing seasons, the drama of the skies, the beauty of light, and the whining of armchair fauxtographers who can’t see past their own big heads. Love JStephane and Vincent’s renditions.


Same 2 grabbed me as well.


12 images taken by 12 different people yet they all look the same as if they were all taken by the same person. what does that tell you? well, we have a great example of a photographic cliche or fetish.

of course it’s up to a person’s taste but personally I don’t really like such pictures that are trying to be “artistic” but end up being nothing more than cliches that actually spoil the actual beauty of the place. these places are beautiful as they are. no need to “tweak” their beauty any further because it’s counterproductive.


Whoa, at first I didn’t realize they were taken by different people. I was just looking at the images and wondered at their similarity.


Like the images and the critics

That is a great place to be, these are great shots, but they really fit into the cliche of over-drama landscape shooting of today. If only I could make such photos!
Like the extra-long-exposure-cotton-dispenser look 🙂

Paul_B Midlands UK

some nice pictures, but they are sort of repetitive, would be nice to see some other shutter speeds I think. Amazing place nonetheless, a lucky man to have been there.

achim k

My favorite is the photo by Skarphéðinn Þráinsson (icelandic name!), but to be honest, most of the pictures look a bit too artficial for my taste.


These are simply STUNNING……..


Can anybody post a regular picture of this waterfall, i would love to see how it looks! These are very nice though, made me want to see the real thing.




Most of these are great indeed. Some (i.e., the ones without snow) look a bit too HDR to my taste. Nature, especially a place like this, is often beautiful by itself; so it doesn’t need too much help.

Alex Efimoff

The last one, definitely!


splendid, amazing, breathtaking! thanks!


I think you should post less of these links to nice pictures. They distract from your core business and DPR is not needed to find pictures like these (nice landscapes).

I also think you should post less of these sentences:
“a gallery of 12 stunning images…, including a shot taken by dpreview contributor …”


I disagree. The point is that it is explained (a link..) how the photos were taken, the problems faced and the techniques used.

I am defintely interested in that because I’d like to take pictures like that (someday..)

At least it’s far more interesting than cellphone cameras & endless discussion from fanboys about “their” toys etc etc etc…


Some people are just never happy…. 🙁

Amazing set of pics and, yes, I want to go there even more than I did before!

Thank you.

dave gaines

I really like the silky smooth, flow of the waterfall. In a few of these it’s obvious it was dark, overcast or the blue hour at the time the photo was made so they had to shoot on a tripod with a long exposure. Given that everything in the scene is one form of water or another, the waterfall offers contrast from the ice and frost. The swirling pools are dynamic. A fast shutter would have been a static shot.
These are all superb. Would love to see this place.


Much as I enjoy many of the images in the port, this is the second – whoops third (‘dark matter’) news post in a few weeks on the same set of shots.. at least it is far better than the mandatory staggered DXO mark score ‘headline news’ rubbish.

The crazy thing about Iceland, is that this waterfall is only top ten at best, Dettifoss, Dinyandi, Skogafoss and many other fantastic ones await the photographer who is prepared to go beyond the basic tourist route.

Graham Meale

Sarah Marino wins my first prize. But I agree with others … isn’t the silky water look a bit passé?


Seriously, how can a waterfall look like a fog dispenser and still be a waterfall?

Henry Falkner

Another ‘Water’ fall that dispenses cotton wool instead.


Awesome images. Iceland will no doubt be on many photographers bucket lists now.



Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/07/31/12-stunning-landscape-photos-of-godafoss-waterfall-of-the-gods