17 Signs That You Were Alive Before Digital Photography

I have been shooting since about 8th grade in 1975, learned to develop and print B&W film as a Freshman, before I was out of High School I was developing E-6 slides, C-41 Negatives, making prints using Cibachrome, as well as prints from color negatives, I even used the Kodak Ektacolor (how many of you remember that system). While in High School, I worked on a farm, a grocery store, a newspaper (as a photographer), and a Camera Store/Studio. Instead of cars, my money went in to camera equipment, Nikon F, F2, FTN, lenses, Besseler 23CIII with Dichroic Color head and an analyzer. In 1981, I took a bank loan out to purchase a Bronica ETR-S system (6×4.5).

Though I use Nikon DSLRs D700 and D300, I still shoot, develop, and Print B&W, film up to 4×5, making prints up to 16×20 in my traditional “wet darkroom”. With the decline of B&W film production, I have started acquiring information about coating my own 4×5 glass plates to make my own “film”, but I have not “pulled the trigger” yet.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/08/02/17-signs-that-you-were-alive-before-digital-photography