1939: England in Color (part 1)

As far as I can see, they clearly mark the photographer as someone who knew both their technical and compositional basics, and was capable of taking at least decent-quality photographs. As others have mentioned, obtaining proper focus and exposure required a little more skill than it does today (not to mention that colour slide film, with its less than comfortable exposure latitude, was a novelty back then). I’m not one to judge their “artistic” merit, which would be kind of goofy anyway, because these shots were obviously never intended as art, nor are they trumpeted on this site as such.

They do offer fairly rare impressions from an England long gone, at the brink of WWII, rare not least because they do so in colour. Even photographically, I find some of them fairly touching …

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/04/25/1939-england-in-color-part-1