2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced


Columbia University has announced the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners for photography. The prize for Breaking News Photography was awarded to jointly to Rodrigo Abd, Manu Brabo, Narciso Contreras, Khalil Hamra and Muhammed Muheisen of the Associated Press, for their coverage of the conflict in Syria. The winner in the Feature Photography category is Javier Manzano, a freelance photograher, for his ‘extraordinary picture’ of two Syrian rebel soldiers illuminated by beams of light streaming through bullet holes. The annual awards include a cash prize of US$10,000. Information on this year’s awards and the winning photographs can be found on the Pulitzer Prizes site.

Javier Manzano – October 12, 2012. Aleppo, Syria.
Narcisco Contreras, Associated Press – November 4, 2012. Aleppo, Syria.

Javier Manzano is a Mexican-born photojournalist based in Turkey. A former United States resident, he worked for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver until the paper closed down in 2009. Since then has worked as a freelancer covering wars in in Mexico, Afghanistan and Syria.


Oguz Sebik

A point source / divergent rays of light? Did he place a strobe back there? Staged much?


These pictures are staged. The prize was not rewarded for “Breaking News Photography” unless you regard staged news as real news. Sorry to be so blunt. But, this must be said.

Amadou Diallo

Perhaps you’ve heard of something called a Civil War going on in Syria? These photographers are literally putting their lives at risk so that the rest of can learn, on a very visceral and human level, about tragedies that have claimed many thousands of lives there.


Brilliant capture of a terrible situation. Well deserves the prize money to be in such a dangerous location.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/04/15/pulitzer-priize-photography-2013