2014 Enthusiast DSLR Roundup

What a bunch of phooey.
The D7100 beats the K-3 how exactly….
ergonomics, no,
IQ, no
price, no
LV, no
movie mode, no
speed, NO!!!
buffer, no
AF, debatable….
AF in the dark, No
menus, no!
in body sensor shift, No
GPS stat tracking, no
Metering, no
Viewfinder, no
Magnesium body, no
shutter actuations reliability, no
dampening, no
flash sync, yes
battery life yes,
flash system yes
Nikon badge yes!!!!!
I think your assessment is total bias. to put it mildly.
thanks for putting in time and effort.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/0975097456/updated-consumer-dslr-roundup