2014 Holiday Gift Guide: $25-100

Great list! A few nit picks:

Re: protection filters, your recipient probably already falls into one of two camps: they like them and use them religiously, or they think that they’re going to mess with the image quality and wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole. I doubt there are many who will spend a grand on a lens and sit around pining for the $80 filter that will go on it.

My bigger concern is with the flashlight sporting a crenelated strike bezel. Anything intended to maim an attacker is also going to wreak havoc on things like lens barrels and the soft insides of a camera bag. Instead, I recommend anything from foursevens, a flashlight company with enthusiast gear at big box store prices … and no tacticool pretensions.


Spark, Zebralight, and plenty of other companies are well-respected among flashlight enthusiasts. On the other hand I’ve never heard of Ansmann, and the linked product has zero reviews on Amazon. =)

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/4752927848/2014-holiday-gift-guide-25-100