2014 Readers’ Polls: The results are in!

7DII can make pictures that no other cameras in the list can do ..
7DII can make any pictures that other cameras in the list can do

Numbers of AF points are something nearly secondary .. so many cameras offers dozen of AF points and are just not able to shoot correctly action/sport like a 7DII can do.
AF system is a whole concept not just AF points .. 1Dx has no real compĂ©titors in action/sport photography for years now (D4s is back again bur not really same level as 1Dx), 7DII makes a 1Dx’AF system more affordable => that’s the game changer.

Beside that, no other brand can plug such a wide range of outstanding lenses like 24LII, 50L, 85LII, 300LISII, 70-200LISII …

I really think the list without any Canon looks like ridiculous ..
If we look at the mosted wished Cameras and Photo from amazon

36 Canon in the 100th
13 Nikon ..

et 6 Sony .. NEX6 really far in that list no A5,A6,A7..

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