500px Prime goes live, photographers now get 70% not 30%

lol, we are human beings and it’s million years one monkey tries to get advantage OR command over other similars (Same goes for animals), there might be 1 among 1000 who doesnt want to make his work free, or there might be the one who makes it free convinced by another one of the pros if he asks money and they do 50-50, OUR nature is to get advantage, and if it is not our nature, someone else will convince a singer-scientist-artisan-whoevermakesaproduct, not to talk about billions that go into research for HIV medicine and other virii, who is gonna research, pay the machines, make tests-… the only hope for that to happen is world population zeroed and our left over bacteria restart rebuilding a dna, but they will still get advantage on weaker microorganisms.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/03/08/500px-prime-goes-live-photographers-now-get-70-not-30