83-year-old fashionista is photographer’s muse for Sartorialist-styled blog

An 83-year-old Turkish tailor has become photographer Zoe Spawton’s muse for her blog ‘What Ali Wore.’ The Tumblr blog, styled after the popular fashion photograhy blog, The Sartorialist, features just Ali and his impeccable taste in clothes. In an interview with German website Spiegel.de, the photographer explains how Ali caught her eye as he passed by the cafe where she works wearing a new ensemble every day. Her daily snapshots of his ever-alternating outfits evolved into a full-blown photo project. Click through to see the photos and a link to Zoe’s blog. (via Spiegel.de)

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The most recent photo of Ali posted on ‘What Ali Wore’
From Zoe’s blog – ‘First photo! Ali walks past the cafe I work at in Berlin every morning at 9:05am. I’m not sure where he is going, but we always say hello to each other. He always wears such great clothes. I don’t speak much German and he speaks a little bit of English, but I managed to ask if I could take his photo. He gladly accepted. ‘
In the interview with Spiegel.de, Zoe says Ali has his days when he doesn’t want to be photographed. This is one such photograph, followed after three days of not being ready to face the camera.



Dass gibt eine neue Beteutung zu “wie ein Turk angezogen”.

Roger Knight

He must also have a terrific collection of shoes too.

David V

Love it! The original GQ!

Samuel Dilworth

What a wonderful project. If like me you now want to know more about Ali, check out Zoe Spawton’s blog entry for 22 October 2012.


I agree, just wondeful !


Just a quick heads up: it should be Spiegel.de, not Speigel.de

Lars Rehm

Thanks, corrected.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/03/28/83-yr-old-fashionista-is-a-photographer-muse-in-a-Sartorialiast-styled-blog