99% Of Australian Real Estate Agents Believe Nothing Beats Good Photography

TopSnapSurveyA recent article posted on realestate.com.au (the equivalent of the US Realtor.com) reported on a recent survey. Property photography company Top Snap asked 600 Australian real estate agents about how they market properties, and a whopping 99% said nothing beats good photography.

As the article says:

It’s something most of us know instinctively, whether we’ve been browsing for homes, proudly showing off our own for sale, or just admiring and dreaming.

So what is it about Australian agents that they see the obvious and so many US agents don’t? There is little doubt in my mind that if someone did this same survey that 99% of US agents would not say that nothing beats good photography for marketing property. Yet I’ll bet 99% of home sellers WOULD say that nothing beats good photography.

I don’t have the answer to this question but if I had to make a guess the underlying reason is that a larger percentage of Australian real estate agents are making a successful business out of selling real estate than in the US.

Source Article from http://photographyforrealestate.net/2013/07/09/99-of-australian-real-estate-agents-believe-nothing-beats-good-photography/