A Collection of Powerful Black and White Images

I have a background in black and white photography – using actual film and processing in a darkroom. The entire first year of my two year college photography program was spent doing black and white photography only, nothing else. I came to love working in the darkroom and seeing the image appear on the paper was magic.

Now in the digital age, making black and white is a choice you can make after you shoot the images – which gives you options we didn’t have in the film days. So I wanted to share some B&W images to get you thinking about the possibilities.

For some some tips on shooting and converting to B&W try these:

**I just love this guy’s images of Cuba, inspires me to do more night shooting when I go back in January. So I had to share a few of his shots.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DigitalPhotographySchool/~3/URYWQftVc0U/