A Collection of Waterfall Photos to Spruce up your Weekend

A couple weeks ago I shared some stunning landscape photos and you had a weekly challenge of the same theme. Today I’m going to get more specific and focus in on one element of nature that’s super popular with landscape photographers.


I think this is one of those things that when you can master taking photos of a waterfall, ones that make you and your friends go “oh wow” then your photography has stepped up a notch to the next level. Come with me on this journey, and if you’re not there yet I’ll leave you with a few articles on waterfall photos you can check out at the end.

Need some waterfall tips? As promised here’s some tips and articles that might help you out:

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Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DigitalPhotographySchool/~3/0YCBKd8fjUs/