A Day in the Life of the KKK: Anthony Karen talks trust & photojournalism

There is no more enslaved than the one who claims to be free. Racism is the same, most of time, those who claim to be victims are more racist than those they accuse. Racism, intergrism, blasphemy, heresy, all those things are most of time excuses used for just anything. Those who use those words are generally those that hide behind them to be allowed to do things that wil bring others in jail right away. I do not give examples, but look around you, some break, rob people, steal, destroy, break, and if you say something, your are mister bad guy, you are a racist. So, let’s stay with the feet on the ground. No reason to belong to such groups as KKK? maybe, maybe not, all is a question of point of view, it may concern you or not, you chose.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/08/15/photographer-anthony-karen-talks-about-trust-photojournalism-and-the-ku-klux-klan