A little bit better: Nikon D810 First Impressions Review

4K is nice for geeky fun (even so 8K).

Currently most of the developed world does not even have enough bandwidth to stream it properly. Meaning: yeah, you can shoot it, process it (oh god I can’t imagine After Effects and Premiere rendering stuff for 4/8K before I grow old, but … it’d work), and watch it on your own 4K/8K tely (or put it up on youtube to showoff you did something in 4K, where 95% of the viewers will watch it downscaled on their 24″ Monitors in 1080p …)

If one has money to buy 4K tely now, I can’t see the problem throwing $3000 for a camera now – and then, when a 4K model comes out, dump it and purchase a new one?

And B) how LARGE would be your 4K target audience in the next, say 2-3 years? 😉 Yeh it will grow, but come on 😉

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/06/26/a-little-bit-better-nikon-d810-first-impressions-review