Accessory review: Vanguard Heralder 51T Rolling Backpack

Okay, let’s see-
Wastes vertical storage space with 4 spinny wheels.
Wastes interior cargo space with handle rails tat go in the middle of the case.
Weighs a lot.
Still doesn’t even really qualify as carry on.
Costs a lot.

THere’s your mission, DPreview… find a case that actually DOESN’T do these things, but is still a good gear case.

IE, find a case where
– the wheels take up minimal space in the overall “carry on” space requirements.
– the handle is either set to the edges of the case so it takes up minimal interior room AND provides structural rigidity when collapsed.
– is light
– is carry-on sized, and slightly mooshable for when the bins are tight.
– doesn’t cost a fortune.

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