Acclaimed AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus killed in Afghanistan

I´m so sad.

Anja Niedringshaus was a german photographer, i try to translate and would like to share some quotes with you, she gave in one of her last interviews for a german magazine.

About Afghans:
“I see their (warm) characters, which doesn’t exists (in the west) anymore. How often i slept on the ground in houses from normal afghan families. They share all their belongings and they even don´t know me!”

About war:
“We (in the west) believe that we can bring peace with militia and weapons. But with that you achieve nothing. I became the greatest pacifist, since i work (as a war photographer). You don´t solve problems with tanks.”

About dead:
“Dead is coming to me when colleagues are dying. Then i ask, if is it worth it. But no one of my (now dead friends) would say: Stop your work. As long as I do not get tired and about what I see every day, do not feel normal, I will continue.”

Anja, RIP… and remember her legacy

(forgive my bad english)

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