Adobe adds Perspective Warp and 3D printing to Photoshop CC

This update does not make any sense. WHO ON EARTH is going to use a 3D-printing option from inside Photoshop? If you are, like me, into 3D-printing, you are using 3D software for that, NOT a 2D photo-retouching application!! It sounds so sophisticated, “hey look- Photoshop can do 3D-printing too”! Yeah, prehistoric simple objects like a coke-can, that’s what we print all the time.. It shows that, again, Adobe makes pointless updates on a product that has been finished years ago, and now it’s milking it’s users money with their Cloud. Who wants to be part of that? I’ll keep working with CS5 for as long as I like it, then jump towards the competition.

(btw, I am a professional Photoshop user for more than 17 years).

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