Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer


Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, in fact every company that takes liberties with your freedom and practices any form of lock-in, will eventually knock themselves out cold, there are safe alternatives out there. The greedier and more manipulative they get, the more people will swarm over to the alternatives.

The reason it’ll happen is demonstrated in this thread. The sooner people quit feeding these companies and switch to stuff that is actually there for the consumers benefit, the better.

The longer it takes a person to switch, the more it will cost them both in monetry and privacy. The longer you leave it, the harder you’ll learn, ask anyone in this thread that regrets ever subscribing to an Adobe subscription. If they’d made the switch beforehand, they’d still have their hard-earned cash, not Adobe.

How much do people have to feed companies like this before they grasp it?

Do yourself a favour, nip over and download RawTherapee:

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