Adobe introduces cheaper Creative Cloud with Photoshop + Lightroom

Adobe has added a new pricing tier to the Creative Cloud product, possibly in response to the negative response from the photography community when it announced that all Creative Suite products would require a monthly subscription. The Photoshop Photography Program gives users Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Bridge CC, Behance, and 20GB of storage for $9.99 per month. That price will never change, as long as you sign up before the end of this year. 

In order to be eligible for this bundle, you must already own Photoshop CS3 or newer. Current Creative Cloud users who own individual apps will be able to upgrade to this package without issue, assuming that you meet the prior criteria. If you want to step down from a more expensive plan, Adobe says that you’ll need to contact their Customer Service department and ‘discuss transitioning to this new offer’.

Prior to Creative Cloud, a copy of Photoshop and Lightroom would’ve set you back around $400. This new package will set you back $120 per year, which seems like a good deal, considering how often Adobe updates their products.

The Photoshop Photography Program for Creative Suite will be launched on September 17th, alongside Lightroom 5.2. 

Let us know what you think about these changes in our comments section below.

Press release:

Introducing the Photoshop Photography Program

During today’s keynote at the Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas, Adobe is showcasing how photography workflows will evolve to take advantage of an increasingly connected world. This includes a tour of how easy it is today to use Creative Cloud to make your content and creations available anywhere, plus the power of Behance to showcase work. We also highlight some of the exciting new technologies that we’re working on for Photoshop CC and Lightroom; our roadmap for making our photography products even more connected; and a peek at how we’re planning to bring advanced Adobe digital imaging technology to mobile devices. You’ll see these products and services become available in the not too distant future.

If you missed the keynote, you can watch the replay here, which should be posted within about 24 hours. Throughout this week at Photoshop World, we’re demoing some great digital imaging innovation and I hope you’re as excited as we are about what’s available today and what’s coming soon, thanks to our talented teams of engineers.

Since introducing Photoshop CC, we’ve listened to feedback from a spectrum of our customers, from advanced professionals to casual enthusiasts. One common request was a solution specifically tailored for photographers. We listened, and at Photoshop World we’re announcing a special offer for our loyal Photoshop customers. Beginning today, customers who own Photoshop CS3 or higher are eligible for a special Creative Cloud membership offer that includes all of the following for just $9.99/month:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5
  • 20 GB of online storage
  • Behance ProSite
  • Access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources
  • Ongoing upgrades and updates

To be clear, $9.99 is not an introductory price. It is the price for those of you who sign up by December 31, 2013. This offer will be available at the same time we introduce the new version of Lightroom 5.2 in a couple weeks.  Visit the FAQ to learn more and follow Photoshop on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find out when the offer goes live.

All of us on the Photoshop team look forward to continuing to build on our 20+ year relationship with our loyal community.

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So, I guess those of us who bit at CC as a standalone app for 12 months at $9.99 cannot take advantage of this and will be raised in price after a year?


Think I’ll wait for them to blink a second time – might bite at $4.99/mo.

Joe Mayer

I’ve used photoshop for over a decade. I’ve taken the ride from before it was “CS” and have stopped at CS6. I’m planning on holding onto it for as long as it may serve me which I fear won’t be as long as I’d like but what choice does Adobe offer me other than to pay them monthly when I have to join CC? I know I can go to the competition but for me, they don’t exist yet but we’ll see what the future holds. In the meantime, shame on you Adobe. This is the pricing you should have introduced to begin with and you still hold hostage those who never had a previous version. You will make money with your cloud in the long run but still refuse to offer reasonable prices to get new users hooked. And bundling lightroom with photoshop is, in my opinion, worthless. For myself at least, using photoshop does everything and having lightroom only takes up hard drive space. Bundling them makes no sense.


Funny, I feel exactly the opposite. LR does pretty much everything I need, but I would subscribe to add PS. Except I don’t have PS, so I can’t.


But you aren’t subscribing, you are renting. Once you stop paying you get nothing. That’s renting. If you were subscribing you’d have a product to use after you stopped paying, like a magazine subscription, or newspaper subscription.

Go ahead and rent if you want though. Good luck!


What you offer is tempting but I only recently upgraded to PS CS 6 and LR 5 (for several hundred dollars) and have been a customer for several years – always following the upgrade $$$ path.

What is the nature of the guarantees you make about that $9.99 per month forever? Does it mean that both PS and LR future upgrades will always be free? Or will we be expected to pay some sort of version upgrade fee in the future?

Unfortunately Adobe has sown a great deal of distrust among its loyal users, especially with the prior high initial offering price and no real upgrade path for CS6 PS owners – other than CC. I’d like to trust Adobe again, but I’m sure you realize just what a bone-headed mistake you made in the way you introduced the change to cloud software.

KW Phua

What happen if Adobe close down? Or burn down? You do not own any copy for future use. So, make sure Adobe long life.

Charlie boots

This does not alter the fact that if you don’t pay you cannot use the Software at all and thus cannot easily access your images.

If you buy it you are better off.

I will upgrade from cs5 to cs6 before year end and continue to upgrade lightroom. Cs6 is already more than I need and good enough for all of my needs. By upgrading lightroom i will continue to receive updated raw convertors for all new cameras.


Save and JPG and DNG then you can use other software if you wish to lapse your CC subscription.

Still I agree in spirit if not in detail.
Fsck adobe.


My worry is that they will move LR to the CC also.


Till now it’s not possible to download Lightroom 5 in China or you have to rent their creative suite. So it seems to me that it’s not a standalone program anymore.


Sorry, Cloud is not for me. I will look for alternatives.


Thanks Adobe, but i still will not rent software.


Never will fall for this scam.


Wow 275 comments already. I think all this new price drop did, was peeve people off even more- exactly the opposite effect that the whigs at Adobe intended.

Adobe- “Can you hear me now”

Probably not.

Perhaps when your revenue drops another 66% maybe you’ll listen. For now I’m loving reading all of these comments and seeing so many people unified against a scheme.

It’s awesome to see people thinking and not letting themselves be taken advantage of for once. We should thank Adobe for waking the sleeping giant, maybe people will start speaking up for other atrocities that governments and other corporations put us through too.

Well… maybe.



Swiss users are still ripped off. No discount for us. If you had one, I would do a decent twerk right into your face, Adobe.


double post, sorry.

DotCom Editor

What happens to those who signed for the $9.99 Photoshop CC subscription before Sept. 1? Do they now get Lightroom thrown in, too?


Of course NOT.

ABM Barry

CEO Shantanu Narayen of the Adobe Indian Call Center.

He calls the shots,
He calls us all fools
He calls us into bondage

WE CALL His bluff.
WE CALL The attention of Adobe’s opposition
WE CALL An end to this parasites hold on the industry.

See the liar in action, if you have any doubts after listening to him?

Cop that Ram-Jam


Wow I just watched that video, that’s amazing. How many times can you possibly avoid answering the question?

ABM Barry

When you are a cheating, unethical self-serving parasite, I guess it’s just in his nature and culture.

Spread the link as much as you can my friend, He is his worst enemy! He certainly is one of the most repulsive individuals I have had the displeasure to listen to!

Joe Mayer

Does this guy think he’s playing dodgeball? Obviously this is just the person Adobe wants as CEO as he himself seems so brainwashed spouting “CC is the future” as an answer to any question put to him. I would have loved to have asked him what he’s planning to have for dinner. He probably would have replied “CC is the best value for our customers and where the future lies”.


LOL JOE! No doubt.


My work computer never goes online. When I decide to upgrade from CS6 it will not be with Adobe. Just getting CS6 going was a major headache with hours wasted using Adobe Tech Help.

They are getting worse and more controlling than religion.

ABM Barry

Hi Deardorff, have a look at the link, you will see Adobe’s true colour.
We pay AUD$2300 more than the USA price for the CS6 Suite!

These PhotPhiles have been molesting us for years and getting protection by way of a Lock-out internet! Here in Australia we are not allowed to buy from the US. We are forced into extortionist protection rackets.


As an amateur, I will never accept the subscription model.
I don’t change cameras often and I don’t process files frequently. I would never get my monies worth.


then why the heck were you even considering using Photoshop ???
Use Gimp or Photoshop Elements.

seriously, it’s like complaining the RED camera costs too much for a camera you would use to record your kid’s birthday parties


If I use it Sundays only it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the pro features.

There is a nice example in the music making world – exactly the same feature set costs very different amount whether it is for personal use or for serious production (Reaper).

I applaud this approach.

David Dahlstrom

They still don’t get it. I’m fine with a renting *option*; its actually a nice and cost-effective option to have; but I cannot rent. It has nothing to do with price. It has to do with the fact that this is a revokable license.

When I create images, I need to be able to edit them later. If at some point in the future I need to switch to another product (because Adobe went away, or another product now suits my needs better), I am bound to continue to pay Adobe for the continued right to edit my own images made while I was renting. This is because the moment I stop paying, my license to use the Photoshop version to create those images is revoked. And, of course, if Adobe goes away nobody gets to edit their images anymore–especially if your saved images include any proprietary features of the Photoshop version you created the images in. Pros beware–and don’t say you weren’t warned.

Stu 5

The majority of pros are not stupid enough not to save a 16 bit tiff in the first place after they finish editing. If they come back months later to the image then the have the option to use the psd file, the Raw with metadata saved to the sidebar or the tiff. It is called having a proper backup system.


@ Dave Dahlstrom:
Exactly the point, precisely put.

CashCow is also the ultimate formula to allow Adobe to sit back and become ever more lazy and unresponsive to customer’s needs (and opinions).


this only applies to lightroom and so far they have said lightroom will always be availible as as stand alone license


Wake up. Lightroom is in this new $9.99 model. You really think Lightroom 6 is going to remain stand alone? Going, going, gone.

ABM Barry

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. This is the future folks!

Would you buy a used car from this individual?


Naa. Not for me. Too little, too late. Adobe burnt its bridges to me a few months back. These days I’m successfully evolving a digital darkroom sans Photoshop.


Photoshop is not a digital darkroom. That would be Lightroom.
Photoshop is a painter’s studio.

Don’t confuse these two.


How strange, I used to use Photo$hop as a digital darkroom to do many of the things I did in a film darkroom – dodging/burning, getting colours right, adjusting exposure etc. One thing that Photo$hop is very poor at is painting – the selection tools are truly appalling and should have been improved long ago.


@groucher – then you were using the wrong product in the first place. You didn’t need Photoshop to accomplish what you mentioned.


Wlad is wrong twice. Photoshop is definitely NOT a “painter’s studio,” and groucher isn’t wrong. It’s called Photoshop for a reason.


adobe’s site:

Ideal for:
Professional and amateur photographers

Photoshop CC:
Ideal for:
Print designers
Web designers
Interactive designers
Video professionals

Using Photoshop for adjusting exposure and white balance is like using a D4 for posting selfies on facebook.


A very nice deal. Professional tools targeted at professionals. Don’t like it, don’t buy it simple as that.


You cant buy it, you may rent it.


Well in my world you can purchase/buy a subscription plan.

Obviously not in yours.


Paul. – it’s not the same thing.

You used to pay for a copy, which then BELONGED to you.
You don’t own anything with CC – you just have the right to use it while you pay for it.


Exactly Wlad. But don’t worry Paul, Adobe hasn’t got a cent from me since they announced the cloud based product. I imagine I’m not alone considering they lost 66% of revenue in one single year.

Pretty soon you won’t have a company to purchase your subscription from and your work will be stuck on a cloud that will be shut down- never to be seen again.

Great deal hah? Yep go for it!


So Adobe this should be 7,57921 € for Europe.

Let’s see how you calculate – I’m afraid you are going to rip off old Europe as you always did.

So no love here!


The mentioned offer doesn’t exist in my country (Switerland) and the subscription prices are MUCH higher than in the U.S.

Monthly membership Adobe CC: 70 Swiss Francs = 75 USD

Monthly membership Photoshop CC: 28 Swiss Francs = 30 USD

I find the huge pricing difference to other countries repellent and am not going to participate with a subscription


Yes in Australia and NZ too it is vastly more than the US for no good reason whatsoever.


Australia’s cheapest equivalent offer is AU$30 per month. Which equates to about US$26 per month for the same thing you get here for $10 per month. Not worth it. Won’t be using it. Sticking with CS5.


For those who missed, interesting tidbit:

Adobe Cash flows:
Net Income
six Months ending 6/1/2012 $409.085,000
six Months ending 5/31/2013 $141,663,000.”


Granted you are not exactly going out of business at 141 million every two quarters but when you are only pulling in 34% of what you were before said plan….




What revealing statistics! No wonder they’re getting so desperate to snare new suckers into the CashCow program!


That date 5/31/13 doesn’t even show the results of customer dissatisfaction of the CC announcement.


Then I can’t wait to see the 5/31/14 number 🙂


Sorry. Adobe will never get me to rent my software. I am sticking with what I have until I decide to change software companies. I know how much I can trust you now, which is not at all.


Bear in mind that Lightroom 6 could be an additional charge…


..(updates and upgrades its says, but does that mean new versions too?)


Yes, it cost me nothing extra (over my standard CC subscription) to go from LR4 to LR5 – it’s a subscription, not a rental..


Not sure. Why does Adobe specify LR5, unlike just referencing photoshop as PS CC ? Wouldn’t they reference lightroom as LRCC?


Well there is no LRCC, and LR5 is currently included in the CC bundles. I suspect in a couple of years LR and Bridge will merge into a new bigger bloatier program available for extra $$.


If I subscribe to a magazine, I get to keep all the copies of the magazine I want and it is up to me if I want to throw them away.

If I rent a car, I have to return it at the end of the rental. To keep using it, I have to keep paying.

Sounds like rental to me – just because they call it a subscription doesn’t make it one..


“Sounds like rental to me – just because they call it a subscription doesn’t make it one..”

They could call it a rose but it will still smell like a fart.


Adobe company has shown its true face. So, this time, the smart people will prefer to abstain…


“Look! Up in the cloud! It’s… It’s… Adobe!”

“Don’t be silly, it’s just a Tornado… trying to scare us.”

“Aah yes, we all know what happens to them… they eventually DIE after a while.”



I think what Adobe needs to offer is an option for enthusiasts using Lightroom to get Photoshop CC at a decent cost. I am an amateur who has purchased every Lr version since v2, and would not mind subscribing to PS CC if it was cheap enough.

But, with the current offers, only existing CS users can get Lr + Ps CC for 10$/month, which I think is a great deal for pros. Existing Lightroom users need to pay the regular 20$/month to get Ps CC alone… Does not make sense to me.

And yes, a rent-to-buy approach would be ideal. I hope they do not remove the option to buy Lightroom in the future cause I don’t want to locked into a rental system to keep access to my images catalog.


rent-to-buy is not going to happen, ever.
That is exactly what Adobe wants to avoid – their customers using older versions of their products and skipping upgrades.
The current versions are simply too perfect, and it’s more and more difficult for Adobe to come with some new features that would get the owners of previous versions to upgrade.
I’m afraid this will be the long term goal of all software vendors.

Physical objects age – software does not. So invention is the only force that can drive current customers to pay again – if they OWN the software. “Software as a service” takes care of that.


Love the idea, Adobe will win over the community for sure. I don’t see how anybody using one of those tools will find a flaw in the offer, unless it’s about illegal copies of course.

Hope this pays off well enough for adobe in the long run.
For me (CS4 and LR5) it’s the thing I hoped for.

Just a Photographer

The problem lies in the fact that they have never been honest to their loyal customer base. You subscribe for 10 dollars a month to find out that in about two years time you will have to pay 25 dollars a month and there is no way back!


From about 20 lines above your post…

“To be clear, $9.99 is not an introductory price. It is the price for those of you who sign up by December 31, 2013. This offer will be available at the same time we introduce the new version of Lightroom 5.2 in a couple weeks. Visit the FAQ to learn more and follow Photoshop on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find out when the offer goes live.”

Jose Urena

And when you stop paying your monthly lifetime dues, until you die, your software dies on you. Along with fulll access to the native files you had created. No, thanks.



I’m sure that you have Photoshop 7 and a version of raw Adobe Raw Converter that works with your brand new camera right? If you’re using Photoshop generally you have to upgrade when you upgrade your camera anyway.



you don’t have to upgrade. You can stick to an old version and use the DNG converter.

Or just use Ligtroom for RAW processing, save as TIFF and work with that in your favourite 10 years old Photoshop with no problems.


$9.99 for the usual flabby old utilities and antiquated toolset. No thanks – the combination of Corel PaintShop Pro with Colour Efex and NX2 is far superior and much cheaper.


in which Universe ?


You’d know if you tried them.


groucher, no – *you* would know if you tried them.

CNX2 is the antique tool with obsolete interface & workflow (modifying original NEFs, seriously?), that actually delivers *worse* results than a 3rd party RAW processor – even when it’s working with a reverse engineered proprietary NEF format.

LR can recover more information from the shadows & highlights than CNX2. That’s simply a fact. A bit humiliating for Nik software, but still a fact.


Good for Apple when Aperture 4 comes out!

Stu 5

If it ever comes in the first place.


Adobe is starting to be the Monsanto of the software world…


There are two types of users.

– Professionals who use Photoshop on a daily basis (8 hours/day).
– Hobby users, who use Photoshop occasionally (maybe 8 hours/week or /month).

The current pricing might be good for professional users, who make a living using Photoshop. But it is too expensive for the hobby users, who don’t use PS that much.

Adobe could come up with a “pre-paid” type user fee for the hobby users. Because hobby users probably don’t want to pay the same price as the professional users, since they don’t even use the software as much and probably as extensively.

Lets assume that a pro user uses PS on an average about 160 hours/month (20 days * 8 hours). They currently paying 10 USD for this, which comes to about 0.0625 USD/hour.

With this, how about a pre-paid plan, where a hobby user could open an pre-paid user account with a minimum of 10 USD, and then be charged by the hours of use. The hourly rate could be double of the pro: 0.125 USD/hour.

I’d sign up for it


The point is that you can justify the once-off expense easier than justifying a monthly expense.
Picture this: you subscribe to this. Months later, your financial situation changes for whatever reason. Spouse starts to review monthly expenses…what do you think will go first? the kids’ karate classes or some superfluous monthly subscription to God knows what?


Ronan_M: I didn’t say that this would be the perfect solution to everyone, I just said that this might be something I wold sign up for.

A pre-paid plan like this, at a similar rate, would probably be worth it for me. I don’t use the SW nearly as much as the pros, and this could be a way to help me with the current plan. At least if Adobe is forcing this monthly plan on us.

This is probably not a solution to everyone. Seems like not for you. You are welcome to voice your opinion. I am doing the same.

Just a Photographer

Prepaid plan sucks – always no matter wha.t You will always be screwed with pre-paid.

What’s a tenner? Two pints, half a lunch per month…
The problem with Adobe is the fact that they have never been honest to their loyal customers.

You subscribe to 10 dollars a month to find out that two years from now those 10 dollars devaluated to 25 dollars a month.


No, I’m not going to subscribe to this, mostly because I have no need for CS. I’m perfectly happy with LR4 at the moment.
I’m sure that there are plenty of ppl including professionals and amateurs that will go for this, but Adobe needs to realize that for many ppl this is will be a a non-essential and dispensable luxury that could be chopped off easily.


This is crazy – Adobe sell Lightroom separately and they sell Elements for those that want most of the functionality at a much lower cost. But for $120/year you can get full Photoshop and Lightroom and you think that Adobe are charging too much? The last time I bought Photoshop it was about £500 – even if we use a 1:1 £:$ ratio that’s 4 years of use plus Lightroom.

This is soo much cheaper than antyhing that they’ve ever done before (and you can still buy elements and Lightroom separately if that’s what you want).


This is action or similar, Jamie. Look at adobe site for Europe & non PS before users. In my country monthly paid is 60 euros. This subscription is for good paided photographs or complex suite for big international agencies, not for freelancers


Hi Inars – would you buy it anyway?

Until the subscription model I didn’t use Photoshop and she was using old (CS2 or earlier) versions of photoshop, dreamweaver, indesign, etc)

I jumped at the subscription model – it means that I can keep my photography software up to date and my wife can use the design tools without us having to spend big chunks of money every time there’s an upgrade.


No matter how cheap it gets, I just don’t WANT photoshop.
I’ve always hated it and even as someone who makes a living out of photography I don’t use it. It’s popularity stems from when it was the only option, which it now isn’t.
It’s cheaper and wastes less of my time to outsource the very very few jobs I have where pixel level editing is required, to be honest.


This probably makes a lot of sense for some type of customers (probably pros and photo studios) but ZERO sense to most amateurs. Which one is a bigger customer base I wonder?


The amateur base is FAR larger, but most don’t edit, or if they do, they use a free, or much cheaper solution.


Doesn’t change a thing to me. I don’t want to pay yet another monthly subscription (on top of all those everybody already has), specially if I am left without no usable software if/when I decide/can’t afford to keep paying.

Keep trying, Adobe, but this is what you really need to understand.

Jon Lewis

I’m sorry Adobe but

Just what is it you don’t understand about your customers ???

tell the truth


ABM Barry

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen.

Would you buy a used car from this individual?


There was a time when doing simple tasks, by today’s standards, required machines and tools that were incredibly expensive. Avid, EMS CAD and Video Toaster workstations, for instance. These were software with the hardware attached. You essentially went through hoops to justify the cost, then used them until they ran into the ground, many of them lasting over a decade. You learned to upgrade only when justifiable and absolutely necessary.

When computers became cheap and capable, the software only model seemed compelling and also cheap. Buying only as needed and with significant gains in performance and core features.

What about the next ten years? Have we reached a time of diminishing returns? Why should an outright perpetual pay business model be so appealing and justifiable? Have we now traded measurable gains just for a privilege to use? How can an incentive to invent exist in a welfare scheme? It’s a fair question to ask before spending another nickel. Don’t you think?


If they really insist on renting, Adobe should at least use a rent-to-buy scheme, rent at $9.99 per month, after a minimum of two years the customer can keep the last versions he has forever if he decides to close the subscription.


Now that is actually an idea I can agree with. I like it a lot. Lease as long as you like. With a minimum lease period you can opt out at any time and remain with the version you were at when you opt out. Just knowing I could opt out at any time and then own what I had paid into over the years would be a huge plus.


Zorro absolutely hit the nail there.


The thing is: you do want a supplier that is alive and kicking, right? Adding new cameras, adding gimmicks, staying ahead in the game, right?

Now, who’s to pay for that?

It might well be that Adobe get’s lazier once the income is given, but then again, same as with static licenses, you better have good solutions or you lose your customers, be it subscription or not.

So I like the 120€/year model a lot. Relieves me from high invest eventually and no more “can only import into PS via LR as the camera is not supported in my PS version (as I have today)”.

This license ownership thing… I think that age is closing


Excellent idea zorro4, I welcome Adobe’s new offer. The cost is reasonable for me assuming they don’t sting me on the $ to £ rate as per the original offer. My only concern is being “locked out” should I need (or have to) cancel my subscription. A minimum two years subscription should give the customer some rights to continue the use of the software even if it’s crippled in some ways ie. remove ability to edit or change an image but leave the ability to view, export, or “save as”. This would remove some of the fear of being “locked out” and give me confidence about options to migrate to alternative software in the future.


Well, I’ve been a Lightroom user since 1.0, hell since RawShooter. Why can’t I get the discount package? Why is this even restricted only to people who have purchased Photoshop previously – I would never even consider with the higher price. Adobe might have given the handshake to us Lightroom users, too.

Stu 5

Because Lightroom cost nowhere near as much as PS in the first place. It is that simple.


Also that plan does not appear under any of the options for the New Zealand Adobe site that I can see!


I said LR would be in there soon enough.

What is the price for anyone who does NOT already own CS3?

Stu 5

LR was always part of CC from the very start so nothing has changed at all regarding that. Also said weeks ago that they were working on a LR/PS option.


Too expensive! Normal price would be $3-4 per month.

I have used PS last 10 years, but next year I’ll buy new camera, new PC (computer) and Corel Paintshop Pro X6 ‘Ultimate’.


I’m a full time pro. It’s too dangerous to have the risk of losing access to my tools and all work based on it if I don’t continue to pay. Why would I let a company hold my tools and work ‘hostage’ and owe them for the rest of my life. What if Adobe changes their mind, their prices, goes out of business, goes in a direction I don’t like?

It’s not the price, it’s the concept that is wrong.


Adobe is starting to look like the Monsanto of the software world

Stu 5

Laughable. What if they stop selling it, put the one off price up or stop making software. Any of that could happen with any software company. What happens when you upgrade your OS and the new version does not run your current copy of PS. Again that can happen with any software.

You should know full well being a pro that your work is not being held hostage. There is lots of software out there that can open PSD files and if you are using a good backup system you will be making 16 bit Tiff copies of your finished work in the first place.


Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. I predicted exactly same thing. Because their stupid concept didn’t work. So is better to lower price, than say how stupid we were. :-)))

ABM Barry

I have just watched: Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen repeatedly dodging a question directly asked about Adobe’s huge price discrepancies for software in Australia compared to other parts of the world. The person on the video asking the question repeatedly asks why Australians are charged as much is AU$1400 more for traditional software delivered over the internet than people in the United States.”

This is one Gutter Snake of a CEO by any description.

I have no doubt that the use of the two words: “Don’t Expect” to increase the price is their legal out.

If this disgusting creature is the CEO of Adobe, I can now well imagine the profile of his staff that he would chose.

….. They would think Ethics is a small town in England!

Do what I did; … Have a look at the short video and then tell us you feel all warm and fuzzy towards Adobe and see cohesive and wonderful future!

He is the sort of human being I simply detest.


Try buying it in New Zealand – the discrepancy is even greater.


Just watched the video, the guy should be a politician. Totally avoided the question.

ABM Barry

I think the word you are looking for philbb is “Dictator”
With his personality, he could get a job in Syria. I think there will be a vacancy soon?

Donnie G

NO! HELL NO! Nuff said.

Sloan Cranky

Whenever an upgrade of PS came out, it was my choice to buy it or not. At the frequency I was upgrading, I am/was spending about $10.00 a month. But it was money up front….I knew what I had spent, and that was that. This monthly subscription is almost guaranteed to go up (and I’ll wager it will by the second half of 2014). So no, I will stick with CS6. Oh, by the way, I don’t like or use LR, so that does not sweeten the deal for me. If I used and liked LR, then this might be a deal I could have gone with. Sorry Adobe, go back to the old model…it worked for me.

Stu 5

Did you not read the whole press release?

The Photoshop Photography Program gives users Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Bridge CC, Behance, and 20GB of storage for $9.99 per month. THAT PRICE WILL NEVER CHANGE, as long as you sign up before the end of this year.

Paul Holman

“That price will never change”
Do you seriously believe that ?

A five year price promise would at least have been credible.


it will never change until they decide to release a ‘new’ product Photoshopper Ultimate Pro CC and abandon Photoshop CC. heh.

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