Adobe Photoshop Photography Program Pricing – Scott Kelby’s Take

adobedeal2Ever since Adobe announced Creative Cloud and the move to subscription pricing of most of their applications I’ve been a little cranky because I’ve been an Adobe customer since 1990 and I just don’t like the subscription software model and Adobe’s pricing up to now has felt like too much for what I’m going to get with Creative Cloud.

Rick, a PFRE reader pointed out the new limited time pricing that Adobe announced at Photoshop World last week. After reading Scott Kelby’s take on the announcement I have to say it the pricing sounds much better for what you get. I still don’t like the concept of subscription software, but this pricing is tolerable and is closer to what I paid for updates every year or two. I think Kelby is right, this offer is much better than anyone expected from Adobe, it is explicitly aimed at photographers. I think Scott’s post does a much better job describing the product than the Adobe page does. Adobe is pretty damn lucky to have Scott Kelby promoting their products, he does a much better job marketing than Adobe does!

I think I’ll sign up for this version of Creative Cloud. You have to already have PS CS3 or later and subscribe before December 31, 2013, but it effectively lasts forever… well they will probably increase it some time. Nothing is forever.

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