Adobe releases final versions of Camera Raw 8.3 and Lightroom 5.3

Speaking of Adobe products : who took their special CC offering for photographers ?

I thought hard about it, but no : I will drag CS6 as long as I can and own LR5.

I’m still angry about the way they deals with long time customers (I have it since 1996), updated to CS6 just a few months before CC was launched and felt that last update was wasted. Then came a special offering until the end of December for owners of CS6, then a few months later they made it available for anybody, and shortened the delay to the 2th December previous owners included.. Then they prolonged the delay until the 8th December. Then their servers were hacked and my credit card number probably stolen. How can I trust such a company ? They don’t know where they are going.. Apparently their offering wasn’t getting as much success as they hoped, or why would they make it last longer ?

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