Adobe updates Creative Cloud with exclusive tools for Photoshop CC

Well, at $40/yr “extra” you’d need to be able to say to yourself that the “always up-to-date” software, 20GB of included cloud storage, and other included “cloud-only” features were worth $3/month to you. For some people the answer may be “no” and so they’ll feel like they’re not getting value for extra fee. Adobe will of course continue to sweeten the deal, adding more cloud-exclusive content to try and get a “yes” out of you.

If that’s not enough, there’s always Photoshop Elements [which, really, handles 99% of what most serious photographers need, especially when pared with Lightroom] or even PaintShop Pro (cheap, powerful, and compatible with many PS plug-ins).

Lots of options – my main point is that the cost different [for a lot of people] really isn’t as huge as all the outcries would lead one to believe. (oh, CS4 released in 2008, CS5 in 2010, and CS6 in 2012 [nobody really counts CS5.1 🙂 ] )

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