All teed up: Leica T First Impressions Review

Yep, sounds like sour grapes, alright. LOL. You seem to forget that, in its time, there were plenty of other photographers who considered your beloved M6’s to be nothing but overpriced, over-romanticized, shiny, anachronistic novelties for people with more money than brains. Now, you’re exhibiting the ultimate in hypocrisy by approving of your own appreciation for your Leicas, while ridiculing any appreciation for this new Leica. If anything, your Leica M6’s (adjusted for today’s dollars, and taking into account that they were little more than glorified light-tight boxes that held film) were *FAR* more overpriced than this Leica T. A new Leica M7 costs a whopping $5K. Surely, for that price, film must be included, right? No? Do you get an APS-C sensor for that money? Any internal memory? A large rear LCD? AF? Nope, just an overpriced, shiny, sub-mediocre-spec novelty. LOL. The reality is that for what people paid for M6’s, it makes the T seem like a bargain.

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