Aloha! We go shooting with Samsung’s new NX500 [UPDATED]

I owned Samsung’s first mirrorless the NX10 along with the much gloated 30mm f2, mostly because it offered exceptional value at clearance prices. But at the same time it just didn’t. The 30mm was ok, but nothing spectacular (yes it’s a bit smaller than say your average crop 35mm f1.8, but not significantly so). The body was pretty ‘meh’. It in no way was better or even particularly smaller than an a55 and 35mm f1.8, but the sensor was actually pretty horrid… no REALLY horrid.

Since getting rid of it and a few other Samsung lenses I somehow managed to acquire, I kept being hopeful for the system and they simply never delivered, just coming out with iteration after iteration of the same thing, in fact often going in many backwards steps such as getting rid of the EVF option after the NX100 and the hideous beast that is the Galaxy NX. Even the NX mini, not released very long ago, is a bit of a ‘what the heck’ camera.

So now finally they release the NX1 where they throw all the tech they have at it and it seems to be relatively impressive. BUT that is only one camera and it is a lot of money to spend on the one and only body they have produced that is remotely interesting. I was seriously interested in the NX500 as a possible ‘dip the toes’ camera, but it has some serious downsides and don’t think I will be buying because of this.

I certainly wouldn’t be racing out for a NX1 just yet, but if they start making things more interesting then they could be a brand to watch at some point, but one decent body (which is far from perfect) does not make for a compelling system.

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