And in the end… Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ cover photo was shot 45 years ago today


Right but this album cover is daylight and shot with low ISO film.

That’s where film is still strong in the year 2014. Unless you want to shoot Foveon and that new sensor still drops of in usefulness above ISO 400.

Yep, digital allows the shooting with no flash in much more varied circumstances than film. Has been true of APSC sensors since at least as far back as 2004, and there was big leap with the mass adoption of CMOS sensors and the introduction of the Nikon D3.

Still not much to to with why the colour in this photo is so good.

There are plenty of current, year 2014, ISO 6400 “capable” digital cameras that really shouldn’t be used at ISO 6400, eg the Panasonic GH4.

So there are reasons to use film today in 2014, and one big one remains dynamic range. Most big budget movies are still film, which is then scanned for editing, so too many TV dramas in the US.

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