Animated GIFs Reveal the Retouching That Went Into Composited Photos


Ashot Gevorkyan is a professional photographer and retoucher based in Kaliningrad, Russia. He recently created a series of animated GIFs that offer a look into how commercial images are composited and retouched from the original photograph to the final delivered image.

This shot for a promo calendar was captured in a parking structure and then retouched into a sunny outdoor scene:


Gevorkyan created this image for the BFA Bank in St. Petersburg by combining two separate photos (one featuring the girl and the other showing the bank in the background:


Here’s an advertisement photo for airsoft equipment. Gevorkyan photographed each subject separately in front of a studio background and then combined the images into a background image:


While on vacation, Gevorkyan took a picture of his girlfriend and then transformed her into a mermaid:


Gevorkyan created this image for fun by compositing three photographs together. It comprises a background image, a photo of the man, and a photo of the girl:


This zombie scene was created with the help of some friends and some gun props:


This last image is another one that was shot in a parking structure and then turned into an outdoor scene:


You can find examples of Gevorkyan’s finished retouching work over on his website.

(via Behance via Orms Connect)

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