Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

I don’t want to start a flame war but I am interested if others are considering moving entirely to mirrorless. I’d initially thought about a mirrorless body as something I’d take along for more casual shooting when I didn’t want the bulk of my D300s. I’d been considering a move to either a D600 or possibly the next iteration of the D7k. I’m not going to be shooting sports anymore, so the D400, if one is ever produced, doesn’t make as much sense to me. For the same reason, I don’t really have much need for longer lenses. I don’t shoot wildlife or BIF stuff.

Then I began looking at some of the mirrorless bodies and the associated lenses. The reviews and sample images from the Fuji X-E1 made it pretty clear that if I bought one, the D300s would sit on a shelf ignored. The IQ is IMO, a step better in low light performance and overall IQ. This is subjective but it I’m judge and jury, so it’s all good The 18-55 OIS is excellent and the 35 f/1.4 is the perfect companion for even lower light and/or shallow DoF. I could easily spend a day hiking with just the 35mm lens. Best of all, I’d be likely to take it with me.

The D300s, 24-70, 70-200, etc are all excellent performers but it all sits at home more and more often. They’re large and bulky and just don’t want to drag it all with me anymore.

My lifestyle and needs have changed but I still want excellent IQ solid controls. I’m seriously considering selling all my Nikon gear and getting, Fuji and spending the leftover on a trip.

-Dan Rode

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