Apple RAW compatibility update adds support for Canon 70D and more

I suspect Apple is doing this partly on a purpose, and by design — delaying important camera support — because it is in their best interest that as many people as possible use iPhone as the primary snap tool. When camera isn’t properly supported, people will be reluctant to utilise it fully and will feel frustration, which they believe is due to camera manufacturer not doing their job (with Apple) properly — not the other way round.

Otherwise, Apple won’t be able to brag around iPhone is the most popular “camera” on Flickr.
Adobe, however, is in neutral position re all that hardware wars, and despite their questionable recent Creative Cloud moves, I believe with faster and timely updates they are a far better option for the photographers out there.

I mean, Pentax 645D support coming out after 3 YEARS since camera’s been introduced … Apple, shame on you.

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