Apple to cease development of Aperture

Instead of lamenting, congratulate your mums, dads, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, and yourself for helping Apple make the iPhone the most popular camera ever. It is as expensive as a real camera, and with a plan, the cost is high even as buying pro DLSR gear. But it is sooo convenient, so easy to use, you need no knowledge of photography, and it does it all for you, you do instant Facebook updates, right?
Now the most popular camera’s maker has introduced its own developer substance for its negatives, that does it all of you, they way they like — whether you like it or not.
You didn’t want have a real camera with you because it was so “inconvenient”? Now you are given no real photo software too and the most inconvenient of all news. Let’s clap to ourselves, for we have been sooo smart.

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