Astropad turns iPad into drawing tablet for Mac

I love reading the idiotic comments here “the ipad sucks, i cant wait for the ipad defender army to come here to attack us because they are such a**holes & we are not despite us attacking anyone who owns an iPad.

Yes I own an iPad, the iPad 2, I am NOT going to buy a new tablet every year.
And YES the iPad is inferior to a Wacom tablet that costs thousands of dollars, but to be honest?

When you want to do quick work for example to take away the background or do spot removal or brush a bit?
It is good enough since Lightroom does not rely on “how much pressure are you using”

I use a computer mouse on my editing. If a tablet was affordable with a screen for me, I would use it.

This has its uses & is more limited than a “real” tablet, but it sure as hell beats using my computer mouse so I would gladly use this.

(to bad I don’t own an Apple computer just an iPad so I can’t use it anyway)

Also for your info: The iPad 2 is the ONLY apple Product I have, Not a fan of they’re products.

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