Australia Is Ahead Of The Rest Of The World In Real Estate Photography

TwilightMagicI talk to a lot of real estate photographers and videographers in Australia and the more I know about Australia the more it becomes clear that they are way ahead of us all down there in the area of real estate photography and videography!

A couple of days ago I ran across a recent article on (the equivalent of in the US I think) that demonstrates several aspects of what I’m talking about:

  1. First of all you would never find an article like this on or It’s a good article and right on target. Sure it interviews real estate photographers, but or would NEVER do that!
  2. They report that, “the lowlight shoot is more expensive, high demand,  premium product” in Australia.
  3. They express the opinion that, “people who invest in a professional photographer do get their money back.
  4. The article says that, “the biggest trend in property photography now is video and that virtual tours are naff.
  5. Andy Romano reports that, “HD video has taken off, and says has pioneered a drone CAM to do aerials, useful for selling the closeness of a property to the water for instance. He cites agents taking their own photos (rather than employing a professional photographer) as something that’s become really dated.
  6. Agi Magyar says she sees a new trend in Australian rental properties being photographed professionally.

This is all really radical stuff! I wish I could report that it was going on everyplace but I can’t. What is it about our Aussie friends that makes them so rational and insightful? Is it something in the water down there?

In a some what related development, Brett Clements pointed the PlatinumHD.TV website has been completely redesigned. I noticed that they have more offices than they used to! Besides Australia and NZ, they are now in London, Miami, New York and soon LA and Las Vagas. Are they trying to take over?

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