Back to the future: ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century

An interesting if, …eccentric…list. But no question that there are some worthy picks here. And I’m very glad to see the Oly E330 here, the original “solution looking for a problem” per DPR’s review of old. Notable in this list is the predominance of Sony and Oly—“outsiders” that needed to innovate relentlessly in order to compete with the big two—and we are all better for it now. As for omissions or changes—well, we all have our opinions I’m sure. I would have picked the Oly c8080, perhaps the first digicam to give startlingly good results, and a model for the R-1, and the end of the line in a way; and also the Epson RD-1, definitely a one-off, but a harbinger also. Honorable mention goes to the Oly E420/620, the first “pocketable” dslr’s and harbingers of Oly’s press towards mirrorless (as was the E330, in retrospect).

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