Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi and Transcend SDHC cards reviewed

Hey Rad, the closest feature you’ll get with the Transcend is the ‘Shoot and View’ mode, where you capture an image and it shows up on a phone or tablet right after it’s taken. Unfortunately, this takes a long time (18 seconds) and the image is not saved—it’s just a preview. The Eye-Fi would be the better bet, as images can instantly show up on a phone/tablet, laptop, or online on the Eye-Fi View cloud page. Furthermore, those images are truly uploaded, not just a thumbnail preview. For Comic Con, I think the Eye-Fi would suit you quite well.

Secondly, interesting thing about the Transcend—in order to make it work, you need to disable the Auto Power Off on your camera in order to transfer images. If you don’t, you will lose connection during mid-transfer. This is dangerous because you will most likely forget to switch the Auto Power Off back on and come back to a dead camera. The Eye-Fi only turns its radio on during a transfer, which is much better on the battery.

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