Being A Google Trusted Photographer Can Be A Great Add-on To Your Real Estate Photography Business

What’s a Google Trusted Photographer? It’s google training and certification of how to shoot 360 images that can be used on Google place pages for businesses. Google is building a group of independent photographers world wide that can shot 360 images that can be added to the little business marker pins on google maps. Here’s how to become a Google Trusted Photographer.

Marc in Detroit was asking me today about doing 360s in general and about becoming a trusted photographer so he could do 360s for businesses to go on google maps. Here is what I told Marc:

  1. I would be careful about 360s for real estate in general because they are in demand some places but not others. Verify there is a demand in your area before you jump in.
  2. 360s for businesses to go on google place pages could be a good add-on business for real estate photographers since real estate photographers are likely to have the skills to pass the certification and have most of the tools. As the video describes having a 360 on a business page helps a business’s SEO which is well worth the $300 to $1500 investment. Trusted Google Photographers sell these to directly to businesses themselves and negotiate the price, they don’t work for Google.

Google started the Trusted Photographer program well over a year ago so there has been a 21 month old discussion thread on the PFRE flickr forum. The thread indicates that the Trusted Photographer program is not in all locations and it’s not widely understood or participated in.

Is there anyone out there that is participating in the Google Trusted Photographer program? If so how is it working for you?

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