Best of both worlds: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 review

“The AVCHD format is not bad, in my opinion. They said it is not good, but at 28 Mb it is a pretty high-volume format, and I think it is using about the best compressed format you can get (H264 I believe). “

Yes, for the time being, H.264 is the best. (The even more storage-saving H.265 isn’t widely supported on the encoder / SoC level yet.)

Nevertheless, it’s not only a question about the format (H.264 AVC vs. MPEG4 ASP vs. M-JPEG etc.), but also the quality of the encoder. For example, one of the earliest consumer P&S cameras to bring true 720p30 video recording to the market, the Panasonic ZS3 / TZ7, had an atrocious H.264 encoder. Even at the highest encoding speed (16 Mbps), if you pan the camera fast, the image just breaks down. Newer cameras (e.g., the Nikon P300) or 720/1080p-capable smartphones like all iPhones starting with the iPhone4 have significantly better encoders.

Given that Sony’s H.264 encoder have always been great, I in no way think 28 Mbps is too low.

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