Beta Alphas: Sony shows mockups of upcoming FE lenses for Alpha 7 system

I’m also in SFXR camp !

This week Iwent to my local vendor and after bargaining a bit he offered the A7 + 28-70 for 1100 Euro, which I think is a good deal.

But ! What would be my choice when I want leave the kit zoom at home ? A fast, light, small, and cheap AF 50 1.8, like say thoses of Canon or Nikon at 150 Eur ? No chance, I have to spend 900 Euro for one with a blue logo !!! As good as it might be, it’s ridiculous so no way for me.

The A7 series is very tempting but not the lenses. It’s a catch for rich people, in fact if I were Sony I would almost offer the body for free knowing how much money I will earn with the fatuous expensive lenses !

Do me an affordable triplette of AF primes and I’ll jump in and buy an A7 right now. The announced 28 and rings could be interesting but now knowing Sony, I don’t have the slighest hope this will be at a reasonable price

Oh, and no thanks ! I don’t want to use old manual lenses. I’m using AF since early 90 and I don’t want to go back.

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