Better, buffer: Nikon D7200 First Impressions Review posted

Yeah right. “Real enthusiasts.” Apart from the obvious trolling by assuming you know everyone needs (hence the “yeah right”); a fully professionalized camera is always desirable at any price range (functions should be MAXIMIZED, always, to the budget of the camera; never should any aspect every be crippled despite being in budget — Canon loves crippling, and Nikon is just random about it). A fully professional D7300/D400 is still the dream (its okay slightly smaller size; but controls + grip need to be D810 quality, along wtih feature creep, such as tilt-screen & wifit, etc, which is handy, preferably).

The D7200 will be an EXCELLENT camera, but leaves something to be desired at the top, and, as you correctly assess, isn’t so much different from the D5xxx line as to be totally convincing (focus motor, buffer, etc, being notable exceptions). I hope the ISO and low-light has significantly improved.

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