Beyond the ordinary: Tim Dodd’s Everyday Astronaut

The photos are kind of 80’s schticky. I think the idea is great — if he had photos of himself in the suit walking in a crowd of people commuting to work — but taken straightforward, or a photo at the breakfast table with his family, he in the suit with the family members dressed normally, or a wedding photo with him in the suit and the bride in gown and he’s looking out a nearby window — that kind of thing — that to me would have taken the idea to a better place. Of the series, the shot on the playground shuttle was the one I liked best — but he didn’t need to have the shuttle touching ground — just him sitting on the shuttle leaving the viewer to provide the story would have been enough. And before anyone goes ape on their keyboard believing there’s something on the internet that needs immediate fixing — this is just my humble opinion — albeit one reflecting 30 years as a pro.

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