Blackmagic’s New Micro Cinema Camera Can Shoot 1080p RAW from a Drone


Blackmagic has unleashed a new “world’s smallest” camera at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas today. The new Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is “the world’s smallest digital film action camera.” It’s a miniaturized Super 16 1080p RAW camera compatible with drones.


The camera has a new expansion port that lets you use PWM and S.Bus model airplane remote controls to control the camera wirelessly — perfect for drone imagery.



Multiple channels between a radio controller and the camera will allow users to control specific camera and lens settings and functions from a distance — things like iris, focus, audio levels, and starting/stopping video recording.


A composite video out port will let users see what they’re capturing in real time, and a built-in RAW recorder saves lossless 12-bit log CinemaDNG RAW and broadcast quality Apple ProRes files.

Other features include a magnesium alloy construction, 1080 HD recording with 13 stops of dynamic range, 60fps with a rolling shutter or 30fps with a global shutter, a Micro Four Thirds lens mount, an SD card slot, and a 3.5mm stereo input.



You’ll be able to buy the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera for $995 starting in July 2015.

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