Bolivian airline’s demise documented in haunting photos

Great photos, but far from the worst cases in those “People governments”, it is very sad to go to countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, where now everything has gone to hell, everything deteriorated, thieves, beggars, poor people poorer, and the rich? left the country…. closed their businesses and went to Miami – leaving more people without jobs.

Before, they used to have a lot of poor, a good amount of working class with decent livelyhood , and a few rich, usually because they are industrialists and worked harder than anyone else, or stole it in corrupted governments. But now, under the “Peoples government” there is only two clases : the miserably poor and the wealthy government officials, but people are so ignorant and brainwashed that , as long that everyone is poor I don’t have to covet thy neighbors weatlh I guess they are happy, even without toilet paper, and other basic stuff. Europe, USA, Australia, Nz, etc. you don’t know how blessed you really are

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