BTS: Creating a Sports Action Shot Using 3D Printed Figurines

Photographer Dan Vojtěch teamed up with Red Bull wakeskater Zuzana Vráblová for a unique and technologically challenging photo shoot. Vojtěch and his team utilized 3D scanning technology, 3D printing, and studio photography to create some eye-catching images.

The first step was to use a complicated DSLR rig to ‘scan’ the model with 115 separate images. These images, after being cleaned up, were used to create a physical 3D figurine using 3D printing.



Once the little figurines were created, the next step was to place them on a miniature stage to be photographed.


The resulting image is of Vráblová but was created with 3D models on a miniature stage rather than with the actual athlete at an outdoor location.


(via ISO 1200)

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