Buyers’ Guide: Best DSLRs and ILCs for under $1000

Of cause these are the writer’s choices.

It’s apparent he took at least one cam from every important brand. (Did I forget a brand?)

Maybe two canons and two panasonics were taken because many people own those brands.

Today, most new cams are worth their money. I feel happy there is the choice between so much of them. Everybody gets the cam which is made for him / his needs. Of cause, there are different opinions, what is good for someone. You can write your own opinion, but don’t blame the writer for his choice, please. Don’t take the world so serious. Photography is just a hobby for most of us, no need to make yourself miserable with it.

If you have invested in glass from one brand, you have to choose your next cam from the same supplier; like it or not – so the fact, there is one cam chosen from each brand was a good decision.

If you really see a very good cam and you are not convinced with your system (me canon-owner thinks of 18MPIX APS-C) just switch 🙂

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