Camera from NASA’s moon missions sold at auction

Well… the official story is they always left the cameras they brought to the moon’s surface but took the film backs back home, right? I think that’s a pretty solidly documented fact.

Anyway, is it just me, or does this camera kit look like a mix between the 500 EDC, some of which did go to the moon (but were left there), and 500 EL/M which didn’t? Looks like the film magazine is from the latter model, meaning that no part of this camera has been to the moon.

Now, just for claiming that the camera has been to the moon and obviously making some alterations to the camera to substantiate the story, this is an item that should have been blacklisted and not sold at auction. Just goes to show that some auctioneers don’t mind doing the immoral thing as long as they make money from it…

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