Can You/Should You Use Micro Four Thirds Cameras For Real Estate?

Panasonic7-14I get questions about using micro four thirds cameras for real Estate. Can I/should I use micro four thirds for real estate? The important criteria for choosing any gear for real estate photography use always boils down to two main considerations:

  1. Can you get a quality wide-angle zoom lens ( between 16 and 24mm effective).
  2. Can you trigger small flashes and/or shoot brackets easily.

I admit that micro four thirds gear can probably meet both of these criteria, nowadays, at least if you use a lens like the Panasonic 7-14mm f/4.0 zoom, but I have a hard time seeing a compelling reason to use micro four thirds gear for real estate.

Seems to me that the compelling feature of micro four thirds is it’s near DSLR quality at point-and-shoot size  and weight. That’s a plus for many types of photography but not all that big a deal for real estate.

There’s another consideration. Joe MacNally brought this up at one of his workshops I attended. Someone asked Joe if he could shoot any assignment with small flashes, and he said, “sure, he could probably do most assignments with small flash, but he doesn’t because he looks more professional when he uses big lights and clients are more willing to pay him what he’s worth”. I think the same goes for using a small camera that looks like a point-and-shoot; you don’t look as professional. That’s a plus for street photography but not where you want to look professional.

Does anyone out there use micro four thirds gear to shoot real estate?

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