Canon creates ‘Video Camera X–series-look’ Picture Style for movie work


Canon has created a ‘Video Camera X-series look’ Picture Style for its EOS cameras, specifically designed for movie work. As its name suggests, it’s designed to match the colour look of the company’s X-series professional camcorders. It produces low contrast, low saturation footage that’s better suited to post-production grading processes than the cameras’ existing options. It’s downloadable now from Canon’s website and can be installed on almost any Canon EOS model, from the movie-optimized EOS-1D C to the mirrorless EOS M.

Press release:

Canon develops new Picture Style for EOS DSLRs

London, UK, 14 May 2013 – Canon today announces the release of a new in-camera Picture Style pre-set for its range of EOS DSLRs. Created following direct feedback from video enthusiasts, the new Picture Style, called Video Camera X–series-look, enables users to capture EOS Movie footage with lower contrast levels, allowing for easier colour grading during post production processes.

Similar to that available in Canon’s range of X-series camcorders, the new Picture Style works by lowering colour saturation levels and contrast during filming. This makes it ideal for videographers during post production grading processes, especially if complementing with pre-existing footage shot with Canon’s X-series models, or alternatively for those who instantly want to add atmosphere to Full HD movies. In addition, the new Picture Style can also be applied to still images captured in RAW or JPEG formats.

The new Picture Style can be downloaded now from:



Can you please post a real link to this DP Review… I cannot find this picture style anywhere on any Canon site world wide.


I wonder how this differs from CineStyle?


My question as well, especially since Canon and Kodak worked together on CineStyle. I would love to see a 3-way comparison between this, CineStyle, and the typical Flat profile with lowered saturation and contrast.


With the Magic Lantern announcement of RAW video on the 5Dmk3 I think this item will not receive much love.

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