Canon EF-S 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 sample gallery


I’m quite familiar with NoScript, and I use it almost all of the time.

Adblock doesn’t work that way. And the fact that you bring it up here tells me you aren’t real familiar with it.

This problem of misdirection to GearCrap is misdirection to the wrong effing website upon sign-in; that’s significantly different than an ad in an annoying location.

Also why should I have to use a a PC? Is it the year 1997? Does this website only work one way and only with one OS?

Do you not know that Firefox, including Noscript, also runs a on a Mac?

There’s also a version of Safari, albeit not up to date, that runs well enough on PCs.

Try not making meaningless suggestions that limit people to only using PCs.

Instead of simply assuming that I have no idea of what I write, assume I’m commenting on a repeated problem with this website, then maybe ask if I’ve tried X, Y or Z. Don’t just make silly suggestions about how to limit my choices in computer use.

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