Canon EOS 5DS real-world sample gallery

Reminds me of good ol’ Kodak film stock, wonderful sumptuous warm colours, possibly the least digital output I’ve seen here in ‘real-world’ samples.

I don’t even mind the grain! The fact the detail isn’t sharpened to a pixel level gives the results an organic look, should enlarge very well indeed.

…and I always used to automatically turn away from Canon! I’m sure the Sony A7r II will trump this in terms of tight detail and lower noise, but there’s something here that really does take me back to how photos used to look – and I wished they still did!

The lenses also seem to be bearing up to the MP jump, the 16-35mm producing stunners here

+ of course ACR doing a great job 🙂

I’ve been impressed by the Pentax K-3 II pixel-shift results, which are delivering jpegs and RAWs better than the 5DS and the A7r, but this Canon / ‘Kodak colour’ and grain structure has me intrigued.

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