Canon EOS 7D Mark II shooting experience added to first impressions review

I’m no photography or camera expert, or indeed even an amateur. I don’t have a 7D2, or the 7D before it, because I understand anything on the Dxomark website, I have it because it is FAST and captures great family photos in conditions that a compact wouldn’t stand a chance in.

Using my Canon 17-85 IS USM, here are photos I took of our fireworks yesterday. For nearly all the camera was Av @ 1/500s, auto ISO to 16,000, no NR, -2/3 EV. A few are in P and the very last few after the big green cake are with MF (all of the rest are middle 9 point or middle zone AF, scenario 1, tweaked to be as fast and responsive as possible).

Having tried to photo firework before with the 7D, these are better, there is more…ambience. No MF or hunting with the AF, just point and click (and when it goes, it goes). Amazing.

Wanted to share these with the community and stick my thumb up for the 7D2. For Joe Bloggs like me, it’s brilliant.

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