Canon EOS Rebel T6s/T6i added to studio test scene comparison

Look at the test details, for example, in the right lower corner, the color tube, for example the cap of the tube, the details are all present and with finer resolution then, for example, the Nikon D7200 (raw, 100 ISO. But increase the iso and the sony a6000 is even performing better. (Not to mention the Fujis, they are a little bit behind, but have a high iso sensitivity and less noise) ).

Or take the small test charts in the corner, the sony a6000 is showing the smallest and finest details, in contrast to most of the other APS-Cs, including the Nikon D7200)

Ok, resolution is not the whole thing, noise, color noise, EV sensitivity, contrast and all the other things are important, but in terms of resolution, until a certain degree, this is amazing. I am really surprised about the performance of the Sony a6000.

(Or am i misguided by some wrong conclusions, i donĀ“t know, the a6000 is performing really good, at least in these test charts)

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